A fire broke out in a warehouse in Dordoi

On September 25 in the morning, there was a fire on the territory of the “Dordoi” market. It is known that the fire broke out in one of the warehouses of car spare parts near the central aisle and this, unfortunately, is not the first case in the largest market in Central Asia. The press is increasingly reporting new cases of fire, with up to 26 cases per day. 1966 fires were registered in the country for 8 months, which is 29.8 percent more than last year. The main causes of fires are as follows:

  • Violation of the rules of installation of electrical equipment
  • improper installation of heating stoves and chimneys
  • careless handling of fire

The main objects of fires are the residential sector, entertainment facilities, transport, garages, parking lots, warehouses, commercial premises, open areas.

Vympel Group of Companies offers a range of services to ensure fire protection of your object. We use the most effective means and technologies in the installation of voice alert systems and fire alarm systems, including installation of fire sensors, thanks to which rescuers receive a signal about the fire; installation of fire extinguishing means and its remote control if necessary, the possibility of removing units from the control point for evacuation of people from the place of fire and other functions as you wish