“A man with repressed aggression”. A quiet student staged an attack on a university in Perm

In late September, Timur Bekmansurov, a first-year student of Perm State University, armed with a 12-gauge shotgun, staged a shooting at his university. Six to eight people were killed and more than ten injured. It became known that he’d been hatching the idea of mass murder for several years. The perpetrator had more than a hundred cartridges with him. The number of victims could have been much greater if a traffic police patrol, documenting an accident, had not appeared near the educational institution. After hearing the shooting, the officers did not wait for reinforcement, and one of them wounded and detained the perpetrator.

One of the first victims was a security guard, who was killed at the entrance to the building. It is worth noting that there were only 2 security guards for the 8 buildings of the educational institution. Unfortunately, this incident and the increasing number of attacks on educational institutions around the world show the need to strengthen safety and security measures. That includes installing an effective system of security and alarm systems, providing physical security by a highly professional and well-equipped staff of security agencies. In such a situation, every second counts, and the quick arrival of a rapid response group, responding to the alarm button would have disarmed the criminals in the shortest possible time and saved people’s lives.