Ilyas uulu Kyyal, an employee of the Rapid Response Team (RRT) of the Vympel-Shield Security Agency

Ilyas uulu Kyyal, an employee of the Rapid Response Team (RRT) of the Vympel-Shield Security Agency, took first place at the WEF International Ultimate Fighting Tournament.

During the fight, Ilyas uulu Kyyal demonstrated incredible physical fitness, fighting character and stamina. So what qualities must a fighter possess for a confident victory in competitions of this scale:

  • This is a high concentration, initiative – the ability to conduct a battle according to your tactical plan, which allows you to control the course of the battle and the final result.
  • Be brave and self-confident. Demonstrating bold and decisive actions during the battle, the fighter must morally superior to the opponent. This quality is developed as a result of hard and persistent work on oneself.

The security agency has created all the conditions for effective training in the training center for each employee. As a result of daily training, employees practice the speed and accuracy of attacking and counterattacking actions in order to act confidently and decisively in any emergency and extreme situation.

In addition, our employees are well versed in medical, legal, and psychological aspects of work, which allows them to provide the necessary first aid and advice in unforeseen situations.

The protection of objects in Bishkek, support of mass events is mainly limited by technical, financial, human resources and for this reason it is necessary to involve the mobile group of the RRT as the main or additional support. The functionality of the RRT staff is very wide, ranging from emergency response to emergencies, collection, systematization, analysis of operational data, and ending with the execution of orders with increased risk. RRT employees are on duty around the clock and are in a state of full readiness. Employees arrive at the site at the first signal received by the monitoring panel and carry out all the necessary measures to identify unauthorized offenses and illegal actions.