Eavesdropping device detection

Eavesdropping device detection (premises clearing from eavesdropping)

Thanks to advances in technology, eavesdropping and surveillance have long ceased to be out of reach. Obtaining confidential information has become possible not only for government security service representatives but also for those wishing to use compromising information or eliminate a competitor.

If you have a suspected information leak, we will assist you in your search for eavesdropping.

The main technical elements enabling the acquisition of confidential information are miniature hidden video cameras or mini audio bugs. A special virus program may be installed to obtain data from a computer. Attackers can wiretap telephone conversations, obtain video from negotiations, or download valuable information from a personal computer.

Radio microphones are most commonly used due to their affordability, small size, and ease of use. If you notice systematic interference in the operation of equipment, extraneous noise, changes in the volume when talking on the phone, it may indicate the presence of eavesdropping devices.

Detection of eavesdropping devices is a complex work that involves not only inspection of the premises with special equipment, but also analysis of all possible channels of information leakage. It includes mandatory work with personnel, computer, and mobile phone checks using radio scanning devices.

The team of the Vympel security agency group of companies will carry out work to identify eavesdropping devices in premises of any type, communications equipment, vehicles in a short time and with respect for confidentiality.

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