Escort and cargo protection

Escort and cargo protection

Our group of security companies, consisting of several security agencies, offers a full range of escort and security services for any cargo from any point of departure to the point of destination in Kyrgyzstan and the CIS countries. Our security agency has 12 years of experience in this field and 1000 security objects.

The methods of theft of goods on long-distance roads are becoming more sophisticated. As an example, theft of goods in paid parking lots is where 20% of all thefts are registered. There are many facts of theft of the transport itself with cargo. Political instability creates unforeseen road situations in our country

During the escort and protection of cargo by our security agencies:

– Our employees, taking into account the weight, storage conditions and transportation of cargo, determine the optimal route for the delivery of cargo. Delivery times and financial capabilities of the customer are taken into account. Clients can make adjustments to the itinerary.

– Further, the transport is taken under protection, the inspection certificate is signed. This document contains information about the condition of the cargo, the presence of seals, numbers, information about the drivers and employees who receive/send the cargo.

 – On the round the clock basis, the duty unit receives information about the passage of the main points of the route. The reasons for the stops and the places where the stops occurred are also recorded.

– Our security agency assists in obtaining a full package of accompanying documents.

– Our employees are armed with modern means of protection and provided with communication.

– If necessary, both an armed convoy and escort vehicles are provided.

– Delivery in complete safety and integrity of the cargo to the final destination.

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