Installation of video surveillance

Installation of video surveillance

Along with the protection of facilities, our group of security companies provides the following services:

– Design, installation and provision of security and fire alarm services

– Installation of CCTV cameras on the turnkey basis

Fire alarm

The presence of an effective fire alarm system allows you to detect the source of fire, start automatic fire extinguishing systems and transmit a signal to the duty unit.

Security alarm

To prevent theft, break-ins, it is necessary to install a security alarm system. There are many facts when, due to the timely triggered alarm, people managed to escape from the dangerous situation. The ability to view the adjacent areas and inside the premises is an excellent solution for the protection of country houses, apartments, offices, banks. The system, consisting of a central console and sensors, notifies about the appearance of an unauthorized person. The security complex sends a signal to the monitoring center; the information is automatically transmitted to the RRT, which immediately arrives on the object.

What does the installation of CCTV cameras on the turnkey basis gives you:

With the help of the camera, you can monitor the situation inside the office, the employment of employees. Inspect the surrounding area at any convenient time. And we would like to observe what your kid is doing in kindergarten or at home with a nanny. You can always request a recording from security cameras if necessary.

Depending on the characteristics of the object, the wishes and financial resources of the client, our specialists in a short time will develop and agree with you the most optimal scheme for the technical strengthening and protection of any object. They will choose a convenient place for installing video surveillance and, accordingly, install high-quality equipment. Also, employees will provide maintenance and installation, train employees, saving you time and money.

Entrust your safety to us and forget about your fears!

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