Protection of events

Protection of events

For events of different level and scale, our organization provides all the security levels. Security on the event is not only prestige, but also a necessity of today. Our group of security agencies provides security, both for private business meetings and for events of a national scale.

Security for any event – “toys”, concerts, seminars, conferences, forums, celebrations – this is our professional specification. The key to the success of any event is the complete security of its organizers, participants and guests.

Security agency “Vympel Shield” will provide security and safety in the organization of cultural and sports events, corporate events, business meetings, concerts, social events. You must always be prepared for emergency situations. The probability of their occurrence depends on the format of the event, our task is to reduce this probability to zero.

Security in of mass events in Bishkek city is associated with great difficulties due to the huge number of guests, which outnumber security services. The police and other services are involved in such events. But this is not enough, therefore, the employees of security agencies are sure to be involved.

 -At closed events, our security agency will ensure the safety of property and the protection of guests’ cars.

– Our employees will conduct a thorough inspection of the facility and provide access control in the protected area.

–  We will carry out a check of objects before the start of the event and after the end of the event.

– We will conduct inspection for prohibited items, explosives, drugs.

– Persons in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication will not be allowed into the protected area.

– We will protect and provide order in the surrounding area.

– We will instantly prevent provocative incidents and prevent conflict situations.

– We will provide information security when organizing business events

– Effectively organize the interaction between the personal security of guests, if any, and the security staff of the event.

Our security agency has been working closely with law enforcement agencies since its foundation, which increases the efficiency of our work many times over.

Personal security by individual order is mandatory.

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our goal is your safety