Protection of objects

Protection of objects

Protection of objects prevents your material and moral damages. Protecting your organization’s property or your personal property not only prevents material harm, but also gives you psychological peace. Stability and confidence in the future are essential factors for the development of business and a happy life of an ordinary citizen.

In our country, considering that socio-economic indicators of life have always been at a low level, in 2020 11525 facts of robberies and thefts were registered. For this reason, the protection of objects plays a key role in maintaining stability and security in society.

Our group of security companies employs licensed security guards with excellent physical training. The protection of objects can be armed and unarmed. In the second case, the employee is provided with electric batons, gas cartridges, handcuffs, etc. We work effectively with law enforcement agencies in order to transfer the offender.

  Our security agency has been protecting objects of any complexity for over 12 years, solving the following tasks:

– Preventing intruders from entering into the object,

– Ensuring the safety of employees and customers,

– Avoidance of conflict situations,

– Compliance with fire safety rules,

– Preservation of the property of the protected object,

– Ensuring a favorable image of the organization.


The following types of protection are available:

– Security of office premises, security of banks,

– Security of warehouses, construction sites,

– Security of stores, shopping centers, car dealerships,

– Protection of private houses, hotels, medical institutions, diplomatic missions, educational institutions,

– Protection of mines with minerals,

– Security of the restaurant, rest places,

– Protection of gold mines.

After you have decided to use the services of our security agency, complete analysis of the technical characteristics of the object will be carried out, weaknesses and main risks will be studied. Based on this information, the security staff will provide the set of technical means, a work process and an action plan will be agreed upon in the event of emergency situations.

Safe working conditions are the guarantor of economic success.

our goal is your safety