Rapid response service, console security, installation of an alarm button

Rapid response service, console security, installation of an alarm button

Every year the need to use modern means of protection for the protection of objects of varying complexity becomes more and more obvious. The people name it as the panic button, the panel alarm, the alarm, but all these concepts can be combined into one concept – console security.

Console security is used not only in large companies, but is also popular in retail outlets with a small turnover. With the deterioration of socio-economic conditions, the number of petty thefts is increasing, not to mention large-scale raids. Small and large businesses understand that investing in security is the best investment possible. This is a contribution to health, you will sleep well, wake up in the morning, knowing that your store is in its place, safe and sound. You will be able to leave the office with peace of mind, being sure that valuable documents will not be lost. Leaving your employee on night duty, be sure that he is under the reliable protection of our network of security agencies.

For the protection of objects, as previously mentioned, a console guard is used. This is a whole system of software, hardware, transmitting alarms to the control premises through different channels (GSM, telephone lines, radio communication channels) .In case of an attack on a guarded object, the panic button transmits a signal to the central control room, from where information is transmitted to Rapid response team. Armed and equipped officers of the RRB arrive to the call within 3-5 minutes.

How it happens?

Depending on the characteristics of the building, it is determined which equipment will be installed. Such parameters as the area, type of premises and even the features of the repair are important. You can be offered sensors for door opening, glass breakage, motion, window, external or internal sensors. You just have to choose. Set up a remote control and you can sleep peacefully!

our goal is your safety