Sberbank repelled the world’s most powerful cyberattack on Russia’s financial system

According to S. Kuznetsov, Deputy-Chairperson of the Management Board of Sberbank, other financial institutions of the country were also exposed to cyber-attacks. Some of them have come out of action. Sberbank’s cyber security system managed to repel the attack in an automated mode, without suspending the operation of the bank’s services for a second.

It should be reminded that 155.8 million users were exposed to cyber-attacks all over the world. Losses from them could reach $ 6 trillion in 2021. For these reasons, every organization needs to think about protecting its data and implement an effective cyber security system.

Vympel Group of security companies will perform:

– Company-wide IT system security assessment

– Will help to protect your organization from cyber-attacks and take full advantage of cloud servers.

– Integrate robust data and information protection methods, comprehensive systems for detection of attacks and respond to them.