China has started chipping school uniforms

In China, microchips have begun to be sewn into school uniforms to allow parents to keep track of their children. This experiment is being carried out in one of the primary schools in Zhuhai city. Chipped clothing sends parents all information about a child’s movements. If a pupil gets into a dangerous situation, the system sends a relevant signal to parents or teachers. Many Chinese schools also have cameras with facial recognition systems.

Children are the most vulnerable part of the population, and to protect them from danger, Vympel group of security companies offers to provide a child with GPS-tracker “Voyager 3N”, which will allow you

  • To identify your child’s exact location 24 hours a day
  • To fix the route of travel
  • To transmit data to a monitoring program
  • To save records: Non-volatile storage – “black box” for 75508 records
  • To call the RRG through the built-in panic button within 5 minutes.