About us

The “Vympel” Group of Security Companies

The “Vympel” Group of Security Companies is an association of several security and detective agencies: “Vympel-Shield” LLC, “Asia Security” SDA LLC, “Alliance Bezopasnosti” LLC, “Security Agency Pro-Security” LLC, “Profi Electronics” LLC, and the law company “AlNur Service”.

Working with us, you will receive the full range of security and detective services, ranging from personal bodyguard services to the organization of protection of major events on a national scale. The “Vympel” Group of Security Companies provides services to both individuals and legal entities.

We have the following services for you:

  • all types of physical security
  • freight escorting
  • consulting services
  • detective services
  • cybersecurity
  • video surveillance
  • installation of burglar alarm, panic button
  • installation of fire alarm and timely response to a fire
  • encashment of money
  • rapid response group services

You will get highly professional services, as we work since 2008 and provide all kinds of security and detective services according to the laws of the Kyrgyz Republic “On private detective and security activity”, “On Weapons” and other regulations.

Why should you choose us?

Licensed activity

We carry out licensed activities according to the law "On Private Detective and Security Activities".


For 12 years we have been providing security, protection of life, health, and property of our clients.

Rapid response team

The timely arrival of Rapid Response Group when a signal is received by the central security desk.

Panel alarm

Availability of round-the-clock console alarm system.

Round-the-clock work

We provide daily round-the-clock security guarding and patrolling of sites by armed employees of the security agency.


Use and implementation of the latest developments in information and technical security systems.

Technological equipment

Developed technical base, a full fleet of vehicles.

Legal support

Provision of consulting and legal services.

Highly trained professional staff

·    Our employees undergo special advanced training and development programs for security personnel..

·        Employees are equipped with a special outfit and all modern technical means of protection.

·        At the time of hiring, a thorough criminal record check, psychiatric and narcological expert examination is carried out.

The work of our security agency is based on the principles of complementarity, consistency, efficiency, individual approach, fair and competent distribution of responsibility. We will ensure full confidentiality and legality of actions.


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our goal is your safety