Over the past 10 years, the volume of stored information has grown by 50 times, the amount of data transmitted through the global network is growing every year. For the first time in 1989, Robert Morris created the first virus known as a “computer worm”. The spread of the virus was so rapid and aggressive that it shut down most of the Internet. And nowadays, a computer virus infects programs for a specific purpose:

  • theft of information, personal data;
  • direct damage, complete destruction of information for a specific purpose;
  • targeting industrial facilities, disabling industrial equipment.

One of the priority activities of the Group of Security Agencies Companies is to ensure the safety and protection of your data, computer systems, data networks and mobile devices. Thanks to the rapid development of artificial intelligence, advanced technologies, and the constant exchange of data, businesses gain many benefits, but this makes organizations vulnerable. Our security agency will ensure the cybersecurity of your company.

Leakage of data in organizations incurs both financial losses and delayed reputational damage. Attack on valuable information can be external and internal one:

  • In the first case, the attack is carried out in a protected information perimeter;
  • In the second case, data leakage occurs due to internal employees.

To effectively protect against cybersecurity threats, it is necessary to modify systems as a whole, and in accordance with the needs of a particular enterprise.

Cybersecurity is based on three processes:

  • Threat prevention;
  • Threat detection;

We recommend simple rules to protect yourself from cyberattacks:

  • Use licensed software and antivirus programs;
  • Connect to public Wi-Fi networks via VPN;
  • Complex passwords for social media and mail;
  • It is undesirable to use public computers for work;
  • Do not open fishing emails and suspicious links;

Identify yourself twice on social networks.

our goal is your safety