Armored vehicles

Armored vehicles

Our group of security companies, consisting of several security agencies, offers to use the rental of VIP armored vehicles with a driver, security and without them. We have a fleet of armored vehicles, which is regularly expanding, as well as a team of trained professional security personnel. We provide as armed guards to escort VIPs, and without weapons. All security personnel possess all the skills of self-defense and protection of objects and subjects of protection, have work experience.

For what purposes you need to rent an armored vehicle:

  • Provision of cash delivery services.
  • Transportation of valuable art objects, developments of special importance.
  • VIP escort.

Our experts develop the safest route of travel. It is important to minimize the risks, to get to the final point in complete safety.

In order to achieve this, the optimal route of movement is being worked out. Our drivers are not only skillful in the technique of driving armored vehicles, but also demonstrate high combat training. You can rent an armored car with or without a driver.

An armored vehicle is difficult to recognize among conventional vehicles, as the interior is hidden under the finishing material. The car is equipped with bulletproof glass, tinted body, which indicates a high degree of protection.

Benefits for our Clients:

  • Provision of rental of armored vehicles in cities Bishkek, Osh with a crew for any period..
  • Escort and security in the CIS countries on an armored car.
  • Armed escort and personal protection outside of the armored car.

our goal is your safety