Detective services

Detective services

Detective services have always been in demand in the market. Our group of security companies has been providing private detective services for 12 years.

A private detective collects information that is difficult to obtain. An acquaintance disappeared, a car was stolen, confidential data was disclosed. Do you suspect the spouse and the child of joining a bad company?

The long-term plan of clear actions allows you to effectively achieve results and guarantees an investigation result at affordable prices. Detective services solve the following tasks:

  1. Investigation – collection, analysis, systematization of information about an event, establishing the circumstances of the events and the persons involved.
  2. Polygraph (lie detector) – fixation of physiological indicators, their changes to find out whether the object is telling the truth or lying.
  3. Verification of partners – reliable information about a potential partner will help you to determine the sincerity of motives and avoid the influence of fraudsters.
  4. Personnel – fixing illegal actions of employees, working with these facts, for the further formation of a reliable and safe team.
  5. Cleaning offices from listening devices, bugs. Experts will conduct a thorough check for the presence of listening devices outside and inside the premises. Identify security weaknesses and provide guidance on how to improve them.

Why should you choose us?

– We maintain complete confidentiality of the information received and the results of work.

– We guarantee the result of the work, or bring it as close as possible to the solution.

– We coordinate actions with the customer. Full control of our actions by the Client.

– We carry out detective activity on the basis of a state license.

 Most of the employees have many years of experience in investigation and operational activities.

The truth is hidden in the most unexpected places and we will definitely find it!

our goal is your safety