Personal security

Personal security

Bodyguard services are not just a luxury, but often a necessity nowadays. The days when bodyguards accompanied only government officials and businessmen are gone. Personal security is in demand among specialists in different fields of activity and with different income levels.

The search for a personal bodyguard must be approached with all responsibility. Our employees have received highly specialized military training. They possess not only physical and moral stability, but also strategic thinking. Employees are able to analyze the situation in a short time, make decisions instantly and quickly respond to changing conditions. They regularly undergo physical training, psychological training. If necessary, they will provide first medical and psychological aid. If a team of several employees’ works with a client, then each of them performs a specific function.


We start from collecting information about the client, beginning from the route of movement, ending with health indicators. All incoming information is carefully analyzed, all kinds of risks are taken into account. An optimal route of movement is drawn up, with options for retreating in case of danger.

Organization: A group of at least 2 people leaves in advance and checks the route and inspects the final point of arrival.

Our group of security companies provides the following types of hidden and explicit protection:

– Personal armed security (if necessary with an armored vehicle).

– Personal security (armed with special equipment).

– Guard of children and adolescents.

– Escort of VIP persons, protection of investors.

– Security and escort of delegations.

– Ordering a bodyguard service for several hours at large-scale events.

  Your safety is in our interests, we will always be nearby!

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